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Custom Print Order for Janice

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"She Has a Hard Time Slowing Down" 8x10
"I've Always Thought Quite A Lot Of Myself" 8x10
"Just That Sort of Thing" 8x10
Logan Family Justice Center piece 8x8
"IDK" 8x10
"She Moves" 8x10
"Solidarity" 8x10
"It Goes Way Back" 8x10
"Catching Up" 8x10
"A Lie In (Just 15 Minutes)" 8x10
"To Learn By Looking" 8x10
"Inside We Are Ageless" 8x10
"Happy and Tired" 8x10
"I Said I Saw You In The Water" 8x10
"Just Asking You To Think About It" 8x10
"I Never Miss It" 8x10
"Put Myself Back Together" 8x10
"Third Eye" 8x8
"Understood" 8x10
"We're All Watching" 8x10
"Coalesce" 8x10
"Tersa Rima" 8x10
"The Day Before" 8x10
The Day After" 8x10

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