From Download To Print: My Top Tips For Printing Your Digital Download Art File

I get tons of questions about printing my digital art prints, so this post is meant to take out the guesswork of getting a digital print file PRINTED AND ON YOUR WALL ALREADY. First of all I want to mention that these files are meant for home and personal use only. It would be illegal to put this image on anything other than paper, as well as use this image for any branding or professional purpose, i.e. your logo or in any of your online promotional content. Do not share these files, and do not print multiple times as gifts...

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Sylvia Hullinger died on October 3rd  from natural causes. She was 63 years old. She leaves behind a daughter and son,  a granddaughter, and many dear friends.  Her legacy is one of vibrancy, expression,  forward motion, and love. Plant New Seeds in the Melody · Oil and acrylic on canvas · 5 X 7 in Love With Fine Print · Oil and acrylic on canvas · 24 X 30 in   Paige Dunn  I shake her, slap her, scream in her face. How the hell do you do CPR!?  I pound her sternum, press my mouth to hers and blow...

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Instagram For Artists

WHY YOU NEED AN ACCOUNT The way art is discovered and sold is changing rapidly and social media is a crucial part of owning your own art business right now and moving forward.  ·        It’s an easy, free, relevant and immediate portfolio (as important as having an artist website). People can and will stumble on your account, whereas they probably won’t just happen upon your website. You can also start making and selling artwork NOW even without a website.  ·        Massive online art community of collectors, peers, business’ and galleries.  SETTING UP YOUR ACCOUNT ·        Username (your name or variation...

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